Grand Opening

Thank you to all who participated in our Grand Opening Celebration.  We had many VIPs join us, from our own Polk County School Board members to Representative Dennis Ross. It was exciting and a great way to show off some of the great things our students are doing! Special thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this event come together.  dsc_0218-x2 dsc_0213ribboncutting-s dsc_0125-x2 dsc_0208-x2 dsc_0070-x2 dsc_0067-x2 dsc_0229-x2


Buses—Buses are beginning to flow on a regular schedule.  It has taken a while to get everyone on the same page and some buses continue to run a little late.  THANK YOU for everyone’s patience as we have ensured that all students are on the correct bus and that all buses are at safe capacity.

Cars—the car line is moving quickly and has been cleared by 3:35 each day.  If you are ever planning on picking up your child in the car line, please make sure you have a car tag number.  It makes the line go much quicker.

PreK, K and 1st grade car riders are picked up on the side of the school.  Grades 2-8 are picked up in the front of the school.

General Information

Civics instruction will be integrated into all Language Arts and Reading classrooms.  In addition, students will take a Civics class in 7th grade.  Students in all grades will experience Civics in Action through project based learning as we involve the community in the school and participate in student government.

The First Day of school for 2017-2018 is Thursday, August 10, 2017.

School Hours – 8:00 – 3:00 (for all grades)

Attendance is very important.  We begin our lessons first thing in the morning and teach right up until the end of the day.  If your child is consistently tardy or checked out early, they will miss the standards being taught that they are required to know.   (Watch the school website for drop off and pick up times and information.)


Everyone is expected to be in uniform on the first day of school.  For Kindergarten and First grade, it is also a good idea to send an extra change of clothing for your child to keep in his or her back pack for the first two weeks of school.

Please see this document for the dress code for 2017-2018.

Citrus Ridge dress code 2017-18


Foreign Language

All students in the school will be learning American Sign Language as a part of the Civics curriculum.

Spanish will be offered as an elective in the middle school.

Information for Middle School:

  • Students attend seven classes per day and have a 25 minute lunch.
  • Four classes are “core” classes (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) which are scheduled according to Florida State Assessment scores.
  • One class is Reading. Students may take Advanced Reading, Regular Reading or Intensive Reading (Intensive Reading would take 2 class sessions/blocks). The level of Reading class is determined by the Florida State Assessment and FAIR testing.
  • Two classes are elective classes. Electives are chosen by the students in the spring at registration time.
  • Electives include Physical Education, Art, Band, Chorus, Video, Computer Applications, Pre-Law Academy, Yearbook, Digital Art, Agriculture, Spanish.
  • Physical Education is a required elective unless a waiver is signed by the parent.

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Upcoming Events

Staff Development Day, Student/Para Holiday
Feb 26 all-day
Soccer VS Boone Middle (AWAY) @ Haines City High School
Feb 27 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Soccer VS Jewett Middle (AWAY) @ Denison Stadium
Mar 8 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Soccer VS Daniel Jenkins @ Haines City High School
Mar 13 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
End of 3rd 9-Week Grading Period
Mar 14 all-day

Additional Information: School Calendarsr

Family Engagement Night – “Pi”oneer Math/Science
Mar 14 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm