We realize traffic was a mess today. In our attempt to streamline things, we tried something new and it didn’t work very well.  So, we will be going back to our OLD traffic pattern tomorrow (Friday) morning.  Buses will drop off by the gym, car riders in front of the cafeteria.  

Thank you!

A big THANK YOU to all of you who came to Orientation. We loved meeting  you and seeing our former students again.  We will see you tomorrow!

Dress Code for 2017-2018

Citrus Ridge: A Civics Academy

Dress Code


Attire that disrupts the educational process, threatens the learning environment, endangers the health and safety of students or any others will not be tolerated.

General Appearance

  • Students must wear the following shirt according to grade level:
    • K-2nd grade will be required to wear a Navy Blue polo shirt or Navy Blue Citrus Ridge school t-shirt.
    • 3rd – 5th grade will be required to wear a Red polo shirt or Red Citrus Ridge school t-shirt.
    • 6th – 8th grade will be required to wear either a Gray or a Royal Blue polo shirt or Gray or a Royal Blue Citrus Ridge school t-shirt.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Students shall wear clothing of appropriate size as determined by the principal or designee.
  • Male students will wear khaki-tan (made of cotton or twill) or blue or black jean shorts or pants.
  • Female students will wear  blue or black jeans or khaki-tan skirts, skorts, pants or shorts made of cotton and/or twill (no leggings).
    • SHORTS, SKIRTS, SKORTS: must be hemmed, knee length.
    • No sweat pants or athletic shorts will be allowed outside PE.
    • Leggings may be worn under skirts, but not be worn alone.
  • Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Pants/shorts must be worn around the waist with a belt (shoelaces are unacceptable belts).
    • Pants/jeans must not have any holes, frays or writing on them.
  • Belts must be visible and fastened at all times.
  • Hats are not to be worn or brought onto campus.
  • Blankets are not allowed.
  • No bedroom slippers or pajamas will be allowed.
  • Students will not be allowed to wear personal clothing over their uniform.
  • Jackets: button up or zip front are permissible.
    • No hoodies that don’t zip up in the front.  Hoodies must be unzipped during school.
  • Undershirts MUST be in school colors (GRAY, RED, NAVY BLUE, or WHITE) and worn under school approved T-shirt or 2-3 button style Polo shirt.
  • Shoes: only closed toe shoes allowed (no Crocs, sandals, slides or open toe shoes)


CHANGING to a new shirt color?? 

**When a student moves from one grade level to the next and changes shirt color, he/she may bring in a used school uniform shirt for a voucher for $1.00 towards a NEW school uniform shirt for this school year.    The shirts MUST be in good condition, clean, with no stains or holes.  (limit 3 shirts of the same color per student).  School shirts cost $7.00 each, cash only and we cannot accept any bills over $20.00.  If you return a used shirt, that makes the cost of the new shirt only $6.00!



Grand Opening

Thank you to all who participated in our Grand Opening Celebration.  We had many VIPs join us, from our own Polk County School Board members to Representative Dennis Ross. It was exciting and a great way to show off some of the great things our students are doing! Special thanks to all those who worked so hard to make this event come together.  dsc_0218-x2 dsc_0213ribboncutting-s dsc_0125-x2 dsc_0208-x2 dsc_0070-x2 dsc_0067-x2 dsc_0229-x2


Buses—Buses are beginning to flow on a regular schedule.  It has taken a while to get everyone on the same page and some buses continue to run a little late.  THANK YOU for everyone’s patience as we have ensured that all students are on the correct bus and that all buses are at safe capacity.

Cars—the car line is moving quickly and has been cleared by 3:35 each day.  If you are ever planning on picking up your child in the car line, please make sure you have a car tag number.  It makes the line go much quicker.

PreK, K and 1st grade car riders are picked up on the side of the school.  Grades 2-8 are picked up in the front of the school.

VPK button blue

Upcoming Events

Sep 3 all-day

Description of Event: Student, Teacher, Paraeducatorr
Additional Information: School Calendarsr

Interim Reports
Sep 10 – Sep 14 all-day

Description of Event: Distribution Weekr
Additional Information: School Calendarsr

Early School Dismissal
Sep 12 all-day

Additional Information: Schools throughout Polk County will dismiss students 2.5 hours early.r

Staff Development Day (Data Day) / Student / Para Holiday
Sep 17 all-day
Early School Dismissal
Oct 3 all-day

Additional Information: Schools throughout Polk County will dismiss students 2.5 hours early.r

FTE Week
Oct 8 – Oct 12 all-day

Additional Information: School Calendarsr