Welcome to Pioneer Athletics.  Here you will find the latest and most up to date information about our Sports Programs at Citrus Ridge. First,  here’s a note from Coach Retzlaff, our Athletic Director.

Here at Citrus Ridge Academy we give the middle school students an opportunity to participate in our after school Athletics Program.  Our student athletes are held to a higher standard than the rest of the student body.  The student athletes are our leaders and will represent us when we visit other schools in the county.  At Citrus Ridge we are building our students to be upstanding citizens of the community.  In order for us to hold our student athletes accountable for their actions we set aside a rule that they must adhere to.  If a student is suspended for any reason the administration team and athletic director will meet and discuss whether the student should be released from the team or sit out one game.  It is a case by case matter, but we always strive for our student athletes to follow all school rules and set a positive example for the rest of the student body. 



1st Grading Period: Girls Basketball, Girls  & Boys Cross County

2nd Grading Period: Boys Basketball,  Girls Volleyball

3rd Grading Period: Girls & Boys Soccer

4th Grading Period: Girls & Boys Track, Tennis, Wrestling, Golf

We must receive the Consent and Liability Form and the Physical Form before students can even try out.

Physical Form

Consent and Liability


Paramount is a business partner who provides low-cost sports physicals.  

  • Students must have a 2.00 GPA the previous grading period in order to participate. The last grading period of the previous school year will be used to determine the GPA requirement for the first grading period.
  • The principal has the authority to withhold participation even if the student does meet the GPA requirement.
  • No student may participate in practice/games while in ISS/OSS or while assigned to an alternative school.
  • Any student ejected from a contest will be suspended from the next 2 contests of that sport. If that sport concludes before the 2 contest suspension has been served, the 2 contest suspension carries over to the next sport or into the next school year.
  • No student may participate after reaching his/her 16th birthday.
  • Students only have the opportunity to participate once in each grade level. A student retained is not eligible that second year of the same grade level.
  • A completed Athletics Participation and Preparation Physical Form must be on file before the student can practice or play. This form is required each year.
  • Any Home School, Charter or Choice school student wishing to play for their zoned school must notify the school in writing their intent to try out before the first day of the season. Student must show proof of residency before trying out.
  • All public school students are covered by the School District “secondary” insurance policy.
Adults $3.00

Students $1.00

Under 4: Free

For more information or other questions, please contact our Athletic Director, Coach Retzlaff.